Top 5 Interesting techniques which secure your PC

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Data loss can be a serious problem if something happens to the computer. All your vital files and important details can suddenly go haywire causing innumerable loss to your personal and professional prospects. Till recent past running an anti virus was the only solution to secure your computer. However, the advent of technology has brought a rapid change in this thinking process and today there are numerous interesting ways of securing the computer and the data alike.

Below are listed top five interesting ways of securing your computer. Try these and see the difference it makes towards keeping your computer safe from data loss.

1.) Operating System Updates

If you are also among the bandwagon who prefer to use Windows, the need of keeping the copy of windows safe by installing Window updates is imperative. Over 90 percent of computer users are using Windows and prefer updating their software from time to time.

Windows updates help you protect the computer against numerous bugs that might infect your computer occasionally The best course of action to ensure that automatic updates for the windows are on. Additionally, you can ensure that the same are being updated manually . Make it a habit to check the windows updates at least once a week and update accordingly.

2.) Firewall

Firewall allows data moderation that is being allowed in and out from the computer. Hardware firewalls as router prevents important data from either leaving or entering the system. You can install software firewalls too as this can monitor the programs from spending and receiving data.

Different options available

You can opt for Windows Firewall that is included with Windows XP SP2 and Vista. As this is already available in the system, you should be using it always. To ensure that it is running in your XP you should go to start option, check on the control panel and activate the Windows Firewall. For those having the Vista version, the same can be done by going to the start menu, checking the control panel, accessing the security option and ensuring that Windows Firewall is turned on.

3.) Web Browser

An interesting thought, though it might surprise you is that you should use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of the traditional Internet Explorer. Though IE9 may be having significant improvement over its previous versions, Firefox and Chrome come up with additional security features that has many additional security features. An interesting fact about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is that these are secure from phishing sites that can cause innumerable loss.

4.) Use the Antivirus

Viruses undoubtedly are the most common threat to your computer. Thankfully, a range of anti viruses are available that help keep the system secure and safe. Some of the popular ones are Avast, Avira, AVG and Norton. Try installing a free version or buy one.

5.) Spyware

A common threat, Spyware can cause irreparable damage to the system including data theft. You can use Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Spybot Search to secure your system.

These interesting ways of securing your system and ensure that your PC is safe, all the while.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Interesting techniques which secure your PC”

  1. A lot of talk has been going on lately about Windows updates and whether you should actually do them or not. As a rule of thumb always install the critical or security patches to Windows, without those then any other antivirus or security software you have can’t do its job. Keeping third party software like Java, Flash and Adobe reader updated is also extremely important.

    Having a company that actually provides the patching/updating for you, offers online backup and or managed antivirus protection is becoming more popular as well as a lot more affordable.

  2. I think email can also be a risk. Some email does not come with virus/spyware but the link in the email is dangerous.

    Also, there are many phishing email that leads the users to follow the link, key in user name & password (like everyday I got “paypal” email saying you got paid !!)

  3. I recently installed Norton and my computer slowed down dramaticly. After talking to a technician he advised me to uninstall the antivirus software I had previously installed. It seems that having two antivirus programs will make your computer suffer. Norton is my favorite VIRUS REMOVAL program.

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