The State of the IT Industry

Great podcast over on “The Force Field” pertaining to The State of the IT Industry. I listened to Patrick Palmers from TheComputerGuy the other day and was very impressed. Rick does a great job asking the questions and you might be surprised with some of the answers Patrick gives. It really does not look like all gloom and doom..

Check it out here: The Force Field

Computer Business Forums

I belong to a few forums that cover computer repair, owning a computer business etc.. It’s a good thing to do a search and find any forum or even yahoo group that you can join in order to provide yourself with more insight into the business. Obviously you don’t want to join every single one otherwise you won’t get any work done all day… 😉

It’s also important to know that once you join say a forum that you should review the “rules” of the site, each site is different and it is a quick read. Once you are done with that then you are ready to start posting questions and answering those that you can……

This is where the hesitation comes into play… typically new users seldom want to put a post for fear that it has already been asked (most of these sites do have a search function)..But, my attitude is…ask the question. Actually ask as many questions as you want. Everyone remembers the saying “there is no dumb question”…..

Now that we are past that part, the next occurance is you will find those on the forums with you are typically very pleasant and easy to get along with. But, there are also those that in their own eyes they are let’s say “better” for lack of another word then us….Those are the types of users that you can just ignore to make it easy for yourself. These are the users that typically have nothing nice to say nor are they really going to help anyone along the way. Most other users see this on the forum and have accepted it already.

Utilizing forums, groups, etc can be a great way to gain valuable information in order to help you become more successful in the field.  Just make sure you read as much as possible, and help others along the way.

Some forums/groups
Yahoo Groups: computer business


Podcast Force Field Rick Savoia

Have posted once before about “The Force Field” but since then Rick has added a “podcast” to the site. I believe as of this writing there have been 26 podcasts put into production. Very informative information from marketing, malware, and even discucssions with vendors in the IT industry.

As Rick explains it is a podcast dedicated to the small, independent IT Service Provider.

You owe it to yourself to check out the podcast here