Hostgator Reseller

Thinking about starting your own web hosting business? Been looking around to see who would be a good company to team with and utilize their reseller services to start out with? Well i’ll help you make the decision of why “Hostgator” is NOT the company to go with.

About a week ago I realized my reseller account had a problem. It appeared my account was hacked and there were multiple new accounts in my WHM (Web Host Manager) and I new that I had not authorized them or saw any payments come through the system. So then I went to login to my WHMCS (All in one client management..etc) and I could not login to my account. The reason for that was it appeared that they wiped it out of the system completely.

So next thing to do is get on the phone with Hostgator (which is a real treat) and tell them the problem. I was told that I would have to put a ticket in due to it was security related and that went to a different section. I asked how long a resolution would take and I was told there are a few tickets ahead of mine….Ok, I understand waiting your turn and that is not a problem at all. But, the following day I checked and no update, so I called Hostgator again and was told they could not tell me the status because it’s a different section and they can’t find out the status. Seemed a bit crazy to me but ok i’ll wait a bit longer.

Well now it’s been a whole week and nothing has been done with my ticket. My reseller account is still not working and daily crazy things are happening with websites that are hosted on my account. Now Hostgator is claiming that an upgrade messed up some reseller accounts and not only do I have the “hacking” problem but I also have other sites that get the dreaded “unable to connect to database” message….Again, more phone calls and tickets are submitted and no resolutions.

This is a complete “FAIL” in my eyes on Hostgator’s part. They either actually don’t care about their resellers or they don’t have enough staff to support their reseller community. Either way they need to resolve it. I’ll be doing my part by closing my account as soon as I can get into all my sites to make the change. Hopefully me leaving will free up some of their support people to help others.

So, again if you are looking at becoming a reseller look something other than Hostgator.