CSHotline acquired by ResolveTek

CSHotline has been acquired by ResolveTek based in California. So now there are techs in California and Texas running the operation.  I have not only used CSHotline for many years with my own local and nationwide websites but ran CSHotline for over a year. A few of the biggest benefits of CSHotline to me has always been the branding and the pricing….$27 per repair!

Plus, this type of service is not only cost effective as compared to hiring techs but gives you time to concentrate more on building your business vice working in your business. Plus, no long term commitments….

Below are some of the benefits of CSHotline.

Completely Branded
We offer 100% branding between you, CSHotline and your customer. They will be warmly welcome by your business name all the time.

24×7 US Based Tech Support
We now have 2 operational call centers in Texas & California to cover all of United States and Canada.

Offer Unlimited Support Plans
That’s right, You can also offer Monthly or Annual Plans to your customers. Our Plans includes all services we offer under PC & MAC, Accessories, Router & Networking.

Offer More Services
Why stop at Tech Support Service. You can now also offer Web Design, Internet Marketing & Software Development services to your clients and that too with 100% Branding.

Enhanced Backend
Control every part of your business using CSHotline Dashboard. You can set pricing, check messages, daily reports, view tickets, assign calls to our team and more.

Mobile App (Coming Soon)
Your customer can get support in one touch for their PC’s and Gadget using your own custom made mobile app.

CSHotline vision is to provide great returns to computer repair business owners and continue to build something that is growing rapidly with a lot of upside.

To know more about Pricing and Getting Started with CSHotline visit http://cshotline.com/pricing/

**** Special discount for limited time, Get $99 OFF on the setup fee

Please feel free to reach me at 1 (888) 722-3069


Some of you may of already heard of CSHotline (www.cshotline.com), it is a call center focused entirely for the computer repair industry.

The main difference between CSHotline “Previously” and “NOW” is new ownership. I have taken ownership of CSHotline and have moved the entire operation to the United States. All calls/technicians and everything else is ran completely from Virginia.

I have complete faith in this service, especially now that there is no “middle-man” involved in the operations aspect of it. Knowing how valuable a service this can be, if done correctly, we decided it was time to take control and do just that.

We have it setup for “Basic” and “Elite” plans and the goal is to make it as easy as possible to understand and utilize with you the owner still making a profit (which is the ultimate goal of any business). Sometimes owners don’t need “full service” and with that in mind that is why we created the “Basic” plan so we can tailor it around your needs.

With over 20 years in the industry I completely understand the day to day operations that you are up against, and what it takes to be successful. Our goal is to see you take it to the next level and continue to succeed.

Check it out www.cshotline.com. We are also going to be giving free trial accounts, for those that are interested. I am more than glad to talk to you about the entire thing or answer and and all questions that you might have.


Remote Computer Repair

So now that you have decided to do remote support you need to find a product to use in order to provide these services.

A simple search in Google for “remote computer repair software” will show you an abundance of choices. Now you are going to have to narrow it down to what one you want to implement into your business mode.

But, before you do that you might also want to determine a few things such as:

1. What OS’s do I need to support?

2. How many computers do I need to be able to connect to at the same time?
3. How many licenses will I need (some programs require a license for each technician)?
4. Do I want to pay monthly, yearly or a one-time fee?
5. Do I want to host this solution locally, online or use hardware?
6. Do I need to be able to have unattended access?
7. Can I transfer files or do I have to use another source?
8. Can I reboot into safe-mode and will it connect me back to it?

Once you go through the above list and determine what your needs are then you can start looking at different products and find out what one is right for you.

Below are just a few of the more popular ones. You need to check on the pricing because most of them come with different versions and prices, along with some having monthly options for payments.

Instant Housecall, Screen Connect and TeamViewer are all ACRBO Preferred Vendors

There are also DualDesk Pro, Bomgar B200, Logmein.

Now my personal opinion is not to get one that requires monthly payments. It just seems with so many available options out there to pick from that don’t have monthly payments that to me it makes sense.

Now if you are thinking well I’ll do monthly payments and see how it goes and if it’s worthwhile and then move onto something else then you might as well wait until you are really ready to roll with it.

We started out with DualDesk and that was working mine but we wanted more (not really sure why now it’s been so long) and we then bought a Bomgar device.

Now at the time it probably ran us a few thousand for this device but with all the capabilities it did that justified the cost to us. We provide managed services so we need a device that is very robust in order to serve our purpose. But, for the normal break/fix where you are not relying on needing to do abnormal amounts of remote work then it is not really required.

So now that you have “tested” some of the above products out or even some other product it’s time to make a decision.

“Always remember and admit “nobody knows everything including myself”.

Once you have done that and you have made your purchase you are ready to start proving remote support….NO YOU ARE NOT!

First, you need to have some of the computers in your presence be your guinea pigs and test things out on them such as removing malware, virus’s, common errors etc. Test out all the functions that your product is suppose to provide

and make sure you fully understand them. The reason I say this is one of the worst things that can happen is you connect to a customer and then have no idea how to use your product. And example would be “reboot into safe mode, and then be able to connect automatically”. If you don’t know how to do it you are going to have to call the person back and walk them thru the connection process again. That is not something you want to keep doing over and over. It does not exude confidence in your abilities.

Bottom line is test it out, try everything and get all your “tools” in order i.e. virus software, malware software, drivers etc..Pretty much anything that you might need to utilize to accomplish a job as if you were sitting in front of the computer.

Lastly you have to have your disclaimers and anything else in place that is going to be for each job. Typically you would want to do the disclaimer up front prior to doing any work on the customers computers. You’d have something such as: “Computer Repair Terms and Conditions Agreement. By accepting service from Your Business Name you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to all these terms below…..and the rest of your terms go after it. You can have that right on the page that they have to click on “Connect” so there is no doubt they see it and even reference it prior to connecting.