Being Successful

With the economy in a bit of hard times I deal with other business owners on a daily basis who wonder the same as everyone else when it will get better. Obviously, that is not something that you want to have to think about on a daily basis but some businesses owners have to do just that.

It makes me think how does one stay ahead? How does one make sure the at in times like this that their business will not be affected like others?

What I do is continually look at new things, products, services, etc and see how they can be incorporated into our business model. The way I look at things, the more services you can offer to your customers the better chance you have of always being in demand. Obviously this is not something that you want to do when times are not too good. You need to continually do this as part of your business plan. Always looking out for things, always seeing that new technologies are out there.

Make a list and try to add to it. You don’t have to implement everything you think of into your business but at least you have a list that you can pull from. Maybe something catches your eye then you do not act on it, but a year later there it is again. Now, maybe it’s time to move on it.

 I know we started like most others, small computer repair out of their home or a small store front. It did not take long to realize that we needed to do more to be successful and to get to a place that we wanted to be.

Things we have implemented into our business:

Online backups
Managed services
Remote computer repair
Web design & hosting
Community portals

On top of those things we published:
Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned (for this product it was not as much as how much it can make, but the satisfaction we get in helping others)
Pc Dice (been a great product for us carried by some of the big boyz)
American Home Inventory Protection (Nationwide affiliate program for home/business inventories)

I am sure there are other things also…..but you get the idea….

Stay on top of things. Always be looking for new things. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Upgrade Your PC

Read an article in the newspaper today that I found interesting. It was from a well known computer
computer business in another state. The article was about “Upgrading Your Computer” vice buying a new one.
It goes into detail about what you can purchase i.e. memory, hard drive, etc…

Then it says about replacing memory. Pretty easy thing for those that have done it especially in a desktop.
But, then it says about doing it in a laptop also….This I found interesting. Working on computers daily for
a living I typically will upgrade memory on laptops myself.  Some laptops you flip upside down and take a few
screws out and you can swap out the memory in them. But, there are other laptops that one piece of memory
will go in the bottom and then another will go under the keyboard. No typically in these situations that requires
a bit more skill to take apart the laptop especially without breaking the laptop keys, cables, etc….

Personally I would never recommend to someone that they should replace memory in a laptop…too many
things can go wrong….never a good thing.


Web Work

If webdesign is something that your buisness is not offering then it’s something you should look into. You don’t have to be a web expert in order to get into being able to provide this service you just need to do a bit of research.

There are sites out there such as that have people on there you can outsource to and they can do 90% of the work for you. An example would be you have a potential customer that is interested in a website. All you need to do is find out what kind of information they would like on the site and then find yourself a freelancer on a site and discuss the project with them. I have found quite a few that are very easy to work with, very reasonable prices, and very dependable.

If you are not providing web services to potential customers then you are losing out on a revenue that could be considerable.


Ways to advertise

Ran across a site called Cause A Reaction . Pretty unique way of advertising by utilizing text messaging. Apparently this is pretty popular in Europe. And I would think that anyone here in the U.S. can look when they are outside and you will notice not many people are without their cell phones and most of them are doing some sort of text messaging.

Could be the next big thing….


Computer Repair Blog Update

As you can tell have been rather lax in updating the blog. But, going to put forth an extra effort now and make the blog more productive for everyone to enjoy.

Will start posting some tips, some thoughts on the Computer Repair Business, and whatever else we can think of in order to provide readers something to think about.


Holidays & Power

With the holidays coming up now is the time to make sure you computer assets are protected. With people plugging in lights and everything else there tends to be an increase in blown power supplies to computers etc….

You should go to your local store and pick up a UPS ( Uninterruptible Power supply).
Plug in your computer, monitor, printer, etc. That way should you have a power issue your computer assets will be protected. Price of a UPS is anywhere from $30+….But well worth it.