ROWriter Backup

If you are doing any work for a garage that utilizes ROWriter I am sure you have encountered what can happen if your ROWriter program has issues. The main problem with ROWriter is it utilizes SQL for it’s database and after time becomes corrupted. I know this first hand because it’s been happening over the course of years and each time ROWriter just connects and does their thing and resolves it.

The problem of course is if you don’t have a solid backup program in place then you could be out of luck. Now of course there are a million and one ways you can do this on your own OR you can utilize a company like ROW Backup. Not really sure how it took me so long to run across this company but they are for lack of a better word “great”. Not only will they set you up for local backups but they also will set you up for off-site backups (you can never have enough backups).

The main reason ROW Backup to me is a great solution is the owner actually knows and understand ROWriter and that is the whole basis for the business. ROWriter WILL fail….Not “will it fail” but “when will it fail”…

So be proactive and use a company that understands exactly what you are trying to do and what you want to accomplish.

No Backup

Had a call the other day from an Attorney who’s computer crashed. So after checking it out sure enough the hard drive has a serious problem. Of course the call did not come in to the office until almost closing time and this Attorney needed data off the drive that night.

Well after a few hours realized that it was not going to happen that easy. Was going to have to run some special programs to see about getting any data off it at all. Called to inform the Attorney and was told that he would need a document faxed to him stating that the computer crashed and that right now is data is not recoverable. Reason for the letter was he was due in court the following morning and had documents on his computer for the case and wanted to give the Judge the letter.

I asked the Attorney if he by chance had a backup of the files and the answer was “no”….

I pondererd this for a bit and thought to myself “If I was the Judge I would not accept this letter”…Reason I say that is who in this day and age does not back up their data…..Of course the answer is alot of people. But, for any business i.e. an Attorney to not backup their data is inexcusable.  I wonder how many other documents he may of lost due to being in the situation he is in…

Only time will tell if the data is recovered. Of course an option to have a backup solution in place will be offered but for some reason I don’t think the the offer will be taken.

So for all you Attorneys out there remember that one day you may actually give a Judge a letter of how you lost your documents and that Judge is going to remind you that there are such things as “BACKUPS”….