PC Repair Tracker

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So you have a computer business but now you need a software package in order to accept computers for repairs and to track all that is being done.

Starting out I actually hired a coder to write me a program in php. For years that worked just fine for what we were doing. Once we started supporting businesses and hiring techs it became apparent that the program we had built was not going to suffice for what we were doing.

Hence the search for the right package to use. We tried out many demo programs to see what all they would do. The problem with that was never having the time to actually test all the features before the trial would expire.

Then one day saw a post about a program called PC Repair Tracker that was written by a person that actually owns a computer repair business. Knowing that this person that wrote the program actually utilized the program in their business was a big point to me.  We have now been using this program for probably about 2 years and it’s amazing how many updates have come out with additions to the original program. It seems that the owner is continually updating based on other owners recommendations regarding what they would like added.

It’s refreshing to have a developer/owner put out a product that they utilize themselves and are open for suggestions on additions.

This software purchase was one of our best moves over the past 2 years. Check it out now at PC Repair Tracker.




2 Responses to PC Repair Tracker

  1. Great software i intend to buy this.

  2. Joel says:

    Looks like great software…

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