Is Dial Up Dead

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Dial up is a means of connecting to the Internet using a modem. Dial up modems use the phone line to establish a connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and then on to the Internet.

The modem alters the digital data from the PC to an analogue signal that is compatible with a phone line and then does the opposite with the information received, changing it into digital information.

What is a modem? Modem stands for Modulator/Demodulator. The name derives from the technology used in modems, which takes a digital signal and either converts it to an analogue signal (Modulates it) or converts an analogue signal back into a digital signal (Demodulates it).

Internet service providers. The companies who provide you with access to the internet via a dial up phone number.

Dial up is the original method of connecting to the Internet and is still used in many places around the world despite the arrival of ADSL. It provides a reasonably cheap way to access the resources on the Internet and access to email accounts.

Unlike broadband it uses a phone line, so only one person can be on the Internet or use the phone at any given time. However, this problem can be solved by installing another phone line with a separate number.

Dial Up vs. Broadband

There are obvious advantages to choosing broadband over dial up, not least of all being the speed; but if you are only looking to use the internet for emailing and occasional research then dial up may suit better.

Speed varies greatly between dial up, ISDN and Broadband. With almost all dial up modems running at 56k, they lack the speed of a dual ISDN line or Broadband. Dual ISDN runs at 128kbps and Broadband can run up to 4mb.

Most of the dial up providers now offer a broadband connection and use the same service line as the other so there is not a lot of difference between the online help of the two kinds.

There are some companies who have better service and help than others in both dial up and broadband.

In terms of availability there are some places in the country that are still unable to get dial up but the percentage of coverage area is around 98%, there is a greater number of places in the country that cannot access broadband or ISDN.

Twenty six percent of EU consumers now have broadband at home. In the next couple of years, European broadband will continue to grow at a healthy pace thanks to the large installed base of dial-up users.

However, from a demand-side perspective, high broadband growth rates are not sustainable. A key long-term broadband growth challenge remains shifting the PC adoption rates upward, and in countries like France, there are few dial-up users left to convert to broadband.

Nearly 60% of European dial-up users haven’t converted to broadband because they see no need for it and they find it too expensive. And 64% of EU dial-up users don’t know when they will migrate to broadband.

So interestingly dial up is not dead, long live dial up.

Author: derek smiley
Source: LiveWebArticles

Why Spyware and Trojans

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Did a remote connection to a customer last night. Ran a few progams and after having to did and find the problem it appeared that this computer had about 2,000 trjan virus’s on it. The customer could not believe his system was that infected. Then the customer wondered why people make these programs just to screw up others systems.

Personnaly I use to think that people created these problems in order to benefit off selling fixes for them. But, the more I think about it I am not too sure that is what is happening. Now when you are infected with something there are many many programs to buy in order to repair your computer and more than likely the one that is purchased is not being pocketed by the person that ruined your system to begin with.

 I’m hoping in the new year there are less of these problems. If you are diligent on maintaining your system and keeping it up to date then hopefully that will carry you through the new year.

Computer Medics of Northern Virginia LLC
“Author” Computer Repair Business Lesssons Learned

Computer Medics of Northern Virginia LLC

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Computer Medics of Northern Virginia LLC
Serving Richmond to D.C. and surround communities
Phone: 540-786-1144
Web Site:

Description: Computer Medics of Northern Virginia LLC provides residential and business services to include computer repair, networking, web design, sales & upgrades. Maintenance contracts available. 24/7 Operation.

The David Stein Show

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Ok…..I know this is not “tech” related but I wanted to let everyone know about a show that I have been listening to for a few years now.

It’s called “The David Stein Show”. Here is a brief description of it:

“It’s a Celebration of Life Through Sports that touches, moves and inspires others to pay it forward, perform RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, and encourage everyone to get off the bench and onto the court.”

Now if you are like me and you are up all hours of the night working on pc’s then you need something to listen to. The David Stein show is what you should/need to be listening to. Unlike the typical sports shows etc this show actually has meaning….

Give it a shot and see what you have been missing. You can visit The David Stein MySpace site here:

Computer Maintenance Made Simple

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Computer Maintenance Made Simple

Just like cleaning is an important part of any maintenance procedure, whether it is your automobile or whether it is your house, it is important for you to cleanup your PC while performing computer maintenance as well. In this article, we are going to discuss a few handy tools that enable you to cleanup your PC and maintain it in a good working condition.

Registry Cleaner Tool

The Windows registry is like the brain of your Windows PC. Even a small activity, such as browsing the Web or opening a Word document, affects the registry in some way or another. As your PC grows older, the registry, where all configuration information of your system is stored, gets cluttered with loads of outdated, obsolete, and incorrect data. This digital junk causes your registry to grow at an uncontrollable speed, eventually damaging it. A damaged registry generates frequent system errors and causes system freezes and crashes.

To fix registry errors and free it from all the junk data, you need to use a reliable and efficient registry utility. Using a registry utility, you can perform several registry repair tasks, such as scan, detect, and remove unwanted files, defrag the registry to make it contiguous, and create regular registry backups that can be restored easily if the registry fails.

Disk Cleanup Tool

Just like the registry, your hard disk also bears the load of unwanted program installation files, obsolete temporary files, and loads of other outdated, unwanted files and folders. The Disk Cleanup tool that is shipped with your Windows XP operating system is one tool that you can use to get rid all this unwanted data in one go. The Disk Cleanup tool also enables you to uninstall unwanted applications and Windows components, delete obsolete System Restore snapshots and compress old files.

To start the Disk Cleanup tool, open the Start menu, select All Programs, select Accessories, select System Tools and then select Disk Cleanup.

After you have cleaned your hard disk with the Disk Cleanup tool, you may use the Disk Defragmenter tool—also available in System Tools—to analyze your hard disk for fragmented files and make them contiguous.

Windows Uninstaller Tool

The Add or Remove Program option available in Windows systems to uninstall applications from your system, usually fails in completely removing the applications. To counter this problem, many advanced third-party tools are available on the Internet. These tools come in handy when you are cleaning up your PC. They work by scanning your entire system and registry for any files and folders related to the program you want to uninstall, and enable you to delete them, and to completely get rid of the application you are uninstalling.  

Antivirus and Antispyware Tools

Last but not least, the PC cleanup process requires you to scan your system for any malicious files and registry entries added by malware programs, such as virus, Trojans, worms, spyware and aware, and delete them. In order to perform these tasks, you need to use the Antivirus and Antispyware tools. You must always keep these tools updated with the latest virus definitions to ensure that your PC is protected against the latest threats. It is also recommended that you opt for tools that provide you with the real time protection feature. This feature, as the name implies, works in real time and blocks malicious files from infiltrating your system.

Using the above tools regularly not only helps you in maintaining a PC free from junk, but also enables you to enjoy an excellent computing experience for a long time to come.

Remote Computer Repair

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People don’t like leaving their house. People have little time to leave their house. With everything going on it is hard to find time to do the things you have to do let alone getting your computer dropped off at a shop.

With Online Computer Connection you no longer have to worry about that. Online Computer Connection is an Internet based company that connects remotely to your computer and fixes it remotely.  If you are having problems with Virus’s, spyware, etc no need to worry. You can be connected in less than a minute and having it fixed before your eyes.

The process is simple and quick. Call today, fixed today. No unplugging, no driving.

Holidays & Power

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With the holidays coming up now is the time to make sure you computer assets are protected. With people plugging in lights and everything else there tends to be an increase in blown power supplies to computers etc….

You should go to your local store and pick up a UPS ( Uninterruptible Power supply).
Plug in your computer, monitor, printer, etc. That way should you have a power issue your computer assets will be protected. Price of a UPS is anywhere from $30+….But well worth it.