Computer Security: How Android Phones Is Best Choice For Remote Data Wipes

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Android phones are really popular these days, if you haven’t heard of them already then you must probably be living under a rock! Also known as smartphones, these phones make use of a technology known as android which offers different kinds of applications and features along with cutting edge technology. Android is huge these days, giving stiff competition to the iOS (Operating System of the Apple iPhones). The Android operating system is based on Linux and is considered to be one of the most sought after operating systems for cell phones across the world.

Is remote wiping of data possible?

A few years ago, remote wiping of data was a task that seemed highly impossible but today, thanks to the advancement in case of technology and science, it is possible for one to wipe off the data of one’s cell phone completely, even from a remote location. Of course it would be easier and more convenient to have the phone handy when it comes to wiping off its data, things aren’t always this way. For instance, in case the phone gets stolen then you can wipe off the entire contents of your phone even when you are nowhere close to the phone. Thus, this definitely proves to be a great feature in order to prevent sensitive information located on your phone from being used by thieves.

Why are Android phones most suitable for such wipes?

The answer to this question is actually, ‘why not?’ When it comes to computer security, it is definitely not risky to purchase an Android phone because these phones are the best choice when it comes to remote data wipes. Since Android phones support the operation of apps therefore one can download certain apps for performing such a function from the internet. Of course one has to go through the most popular or common types of remote data wipe apps in order to see which would make the most sensible purchase. Thus, with an Android phone you do not have to worry about your private, sensitive or confidential information ending up in the hands of strangers or outsiders who shouldn’t be knowing about them.

Examples of some apps that offer remote data wipes

One of the best apps that offer the facility of remote data wipes would be Mobile Security. This is an Android app which aims at allowing the user to clear off or ‘wipe’ off all their personal and private information. It also allows one to sound one’s alarm tone on the stolen mobile through remote access. Therefore this app is definitely very useful, and everything is carried out using a simple web interface.

Another useful app would have to be Android Lost. This app offers a different kind of servicesand can perform multiple fun actions like locating one’s GPS networking and other matters.


It can be said in conclusion that there are different types of mobile phones’ Operating Systems that offer remote data wipes facility but Android still remains to be a very suitable option.

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