In Sept of 2010 I put this post http://computerrepairblog.com/acrbo-1000-members.html . At that time the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners had just reached 1,000 members. Well a few weeks ago the Association went over 3,000 members. Membership continues to grow and new Preferred Vendors are continually being added as well as other ways for members to network with other business owners.

Benefits of Belonging to an Association

If you are one of the vast numbers of individuals who own a computer business, namely computer repair, there is no better time to join a computer association. One that was founded with your specific business needs in mind. The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners is a perfect example.

There are many benefits of joining the ACRBO or a similar organization. They include (but are not limited to) networking with others in the industry, member discounts, use of the official association logo and marketing your specific services by way of the membership directory.

(It is important to keep in mind that benefits will vary from association to association and from one membership level to another.)

Regardless of the industry you are in, it is highly recommended that you network with your peers whenever you get the chance. This will give you the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks designed to help you improve your skills.

You may also be able to expand your client base by offering to take on overflow work from local members who don’t have the time to complete the job.

Most associations negotiate some kind of discount with vendors in the industry that are then extended to you. Discounts for web hosting, remote software and data recovery services are common.

Use of the association logo is another perk. Using it on letterhead, other business documents and a website (if applicable) will give you the added credibility that will no doubt take your business to the next level.

When it comes to business promotion, there is no such thing as too much exposure. It’s a proven fact that the more people who know about the service you provide, the greater the chance of garnering new business.

Placing a listing in an association’s membership directory is VERY affordable. Many times, it’s free. This is a simple way to gain worldwide exposure, without breaking the bank.

Remember, you really have little to lose when you join a computer association. Since you typically pay for up to one year at a time, you aren’t locked in to a life-long commitment. If you don’t find the membership beneficial, you are under no obligation to re-new.

Utilizing a membership such is this is an excellent way to promote your computer business, learn new techniques and keep abreast of industry news. Why not consider joining, today. Current members will be the first to tell you… you’ll be glad you did!



Keeping Yourself Safe From Virus’s

Many people have viruses on their computers and don’t even know about it. Many know about it, but are not sure how those viruses got there in the first place. Believe it or not buy getting infected from the internet is a very common thing, but luckily preventing it is even easier.

Almost all viruses rely on your computer to be out-of-date to infect you. This means they take advantage of your old Anti-Virus software, your old browsers or browser plugins, or even old applications you may be running could be exploited to execute unauthorized code on your machine, and steal all your data. The simplest solution to eliminate the majority of all infections is to just keep your software updated, especially your browser. Next time a pop up appears asking if you would like to update, don’t close it, and don’t hesitate to say “Yes”, it’s trying to help you. Well updated machines are simply much less vulnerable to attacks than outdated machines with old software.

Watching what you download is also important. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to know whether a file you downloaded is safe or not, even experts can never be sure. The only real way to avoid downloading malicious files is to only download from trusted sources. Sites like Rapidshare or MediaFire are not trusted sources because they don’t check the user-updated files. Listen to reviews people post, read the comments, and don’t download anything that you can’t see other people vouching for. Don’t download and run anything from strange sites with popups. And if you’re not sure about a file, you can always update it to an online scanning service like VirusTotal.com

Also, it’s very important that you pick the right anti-virus software to use. Although most of them can offer you protection from infections, they area all required to run in the background non-stop. All Anti-virus software slows down your PC, but it’s a fair trade if you’re receiving protection because of it. You want to use AV software that offers the highest protection with the lowest recourse cost. A good example would be Avast Anti-Virus, which even unlimited free use and updates.

Simply practicing good internet habits can prevent 99% of all infections, and keep your computer&data safe for many years. Don’t risk loosing all your information, be safe.

If you do get viruses and need removal, there are many local shops that you can usually take your pc to to get it repaired. An example is BayAreaPcRepair in San Jose. They offer laptop repair as well as virus removal for all local clients. You should be able to find a similar service in your area.


Linux For The Rest Of Us

Now if you are like me you might not be a big Linux user. In my case the reason is i’ve always dealt with a Windows environment and very few times
have I had a need to even know anything about Linux. The problem is there are those times that you will need to either know something or you might
lose out on some work or even a contract that has Linux machines as part of their network setup.

So you are probably thinking “Ok, not sure how to go about even learning this Linux”….You are in luck and that is because of Steve Mclaughlin who has put together a package called “Linux For The Rest Of Us” and it’s on video.

Some of the things you are going to learn are:

– How to install Linux in easy steps
– All the basics of Linux to get you going.
– How use Linux to recover data on Windows machines
– How to customize and transform your desktop into nearly anything imaginable
– How to create movies, CD/DVDs, audio files, etc…
– How to open/edit/create Microsoft Office documents without paying for Microsoft Office
– Using Linux in a virtual machine
– How to remove viruses with Linux…and tons more!

This is a must have, easy to learn, packaged package…Not only that but Steve is more than happy to answer and and all questions about Linux. This is a guy who really gets it, not only in using Linux but how to convey it to others in an easy learning environment.

I have went through these videos and am a novice at best when it comes to Linux. I could not say enough positive things about this package.

Pick it up for the holidays and claim it as a business expense 😉 More and more people are starting to use Linux on a daily basis…Don’t be left behind!

Get it now: Linux For The Rest Of Us 

Web Hosting Overselling

The practice of overselling services is absolutely nothing new. Airlines oversell their accessible seats due to the fact they know that statistically a minimum of a couple of passengers will not attend the flight they’ve tickets for. The passenger may miss the flight or they have canceled their plans last minute. The internet hosting business is no exception to the practice of overselling its services. A internet hosting provider can gain additional income from every server they own by overselling the servers’ amount of usable resources like disk space, bandwidth, CPU time, and RAM usage. If carried out correctly, overselling might be a useful tool to the success of a internet hosting firm. If done completed incorrectly, overselling can result in the downfall of even the best internet hosting businesses. But in order to survive in todays marketplace, a web host requirements to oversell a minimum of some of its resources. If the host is not overselling, they are merely wasting income.

By now you might have observed hosts offering an absurd amount of disk space and bandwidth with their plans and charging hardly anything for it. 100GB of disk space and 2000GB of transfer for under 5 dollars per month is just unrealistic. These hosts are overselling their services at a rate of x10 -20 what can be safely carried out. As a way to make a profit off this, they will stuff hundreds-thousands of clients on a single server which just isn’t equipped to deal with such resource usage. This may result in downtimes, slow page loads or scripts that fail because of low resource availability.
You ought to prevent these hosts. I can guarantee you that your internet site will probably be suspended prior to it can ever reach 100GB disk/2000GB transfer. They are going to suspend you and cite a line in their terms of service that may say something to the effect of – if a user is monopolizing a servers’ resources, xyz hosting organization has the correct to immediately suspend the account for resource abuse. No refund will be offered.

In conclusion, if a web hosting provider is overselling safely, it can aid the user in the end – lower costs and a lot more resources. But if the hosting company is overselling improperly, it may be detrimental to the end user – continuous server failures, long periods of downtime, slow website load times.

Thomas Cooper
ix webhosting.com

Have to wonder sometimes

Online computer repair is a very big industry and getting larger all the time. So with that is going to come businesses that are doing things that some might look at as unfair or just plain not too smart.

Case in point is Advantechglobal.com and Pccare247.com . Now the reason I mention these two is because I was browsing around the internet and ran across Pccare247.com and checked out the site and the “Testimonials”…I always read the testimonals on any site just to see what people think of the business.

Well low and behold a little searching later and I run across Advantechglobal.com and I go to the testimonals and wouldn’t you know it….The same people are doing testimonals about that site.

Now I have a hard time believing that Rachael, Stephen, Courtney, and Richard used both of these services, and if they did then that has to be a record..

If anything I would think all four of them would be upset that when they used Pccare247.com that they were not referred to their partner company becuase they are $30 cheaper for all services.

Or maybe just maybe they are not real testimonials…I guess you can be the judge of that, i’d probably take my business elsewhere.

iPhone Repair Ticket

Been using a program on the iPhone called “Repair Ticket“. You can actually create tickets, clients, parts, custom invoices and more.

Another nice feature is the “Track Time” function. If you go on-site and utilize that feature you can actually track how long you are doing a job and then it will import that information into your ticket for the particular job.

When you are done and you create your invoice (with your own logo) you can then email it or print it and it’s all saved as a .pdf file.

Overall it is a very nice little program to add to your arsenal that does the job especially for going on-site.

Check out the link and see all the features that are available.


Umbrella Rides The Wind

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Young Man In The City

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A Monk Walks His Path

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A Stylish Stud

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