2014: Top 5 Antivirus Software

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*2014: Top 5 Antivirus Software*

It is not a secret that one of the keys to make your computer work the
right way and avoid the risks that come from internet is to have a good
antivirus or virus removal software virus removal software to keep your system protected without
affecting its functioning.

Then, you will see what are the top 5 antivirus according to some reviews
made ​​during 2014:

*1 Bitdefender: *

It is a program that offers advanced protection and superior performance.
It is ideal for both novice users and experts on the subject. You will not
lose speed; it is easy to use and is an excellent shield to protect your
personal information. This program can even detect malware that has not
been registered as dangerous.

*2 Kaspersky: *

It is a software that prevents Trojans, rootkits, worms and other viruses
to enter to your computer and cause many problems. It also detects if
someone tries to violate your privacy and has a clear interface. Kaspersky
is continuously updated to avoid the risks that can affect your computer.

*3 Norton: *

It is one of the most used antivirus software and this popularity is not in
vain. It is easy to install and update. It gives reports, daily scanning
and excellent protection against malware. One of its best features is that
rapidly disinfects computers that have already been attacked by a virus.

*4 F-Secure: *

It is a fast, safe and simple mechanism to keep your computer in optimal
condition. F-Secure protects your system from different viruses that can be
spread by email, cookies or spyware attempting to access your PC registry.

*5 AVG: *

It is recognized worldwide for its high-level protection and ability to
repair infected machines, besides being easy to manage. One of its
attractions is that it has several layers of security that protect the
computer at various levels.

2 thoughts on “2014: Top 5 Antivirus Software”

  1. We have been using BitDefender for years. They are constantly updating their antivirus software and we have never had a problem. One year our office switched to Norton and that slowed our computers down and within two months we had security problems. Our company will continue to use BitDefender and never switch again.


  2. I totally agree with the number 1.

    I use bitdefender myself and the beauty is, that it’s free. But persnally i think, that if people pay more attention to what they’re doing online, most harm can be prevented.

    I download many things and i never have a virus on my system. Luck? no… just keep thinking and pay attention to the messages on your screen, not just click on everything you see.

    Hope this helps…

    Great blog by the way

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